LA Kollel Merkaz HaTorah to Hold Annual Yarchei Kallah

Los Angeles -
Rabbi Aryeh Adler, the Kollel Bais Medrash Moreh Horaah, delivering the Halachah shiur at last year’s yarchei kallah.
Credit: Merkaz Hatorah

This is the ninth year that the Sol and Clara Kest Merkaz HaTorah Community Kollel will hold its yarchei kallah.

A joint project of Kollel Merkaz HaTorah and Beth Jacob Congregation, the program will run for four mornings from Monday, December 24, through Thursday, December 27, at the Kollel Bais Medrash in Beth Jacob at 9030 Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Ca.

The daily program begins with Shacharis at 7:40 a.m., then breakfast at 8:25 a.m., followed by a daily Halachah shiur from 9:00-9:30 a.m. given by Rabbi Aryeh Adler, the Kollel’s Moreh Horaah. This year the topic will be “Contemporary Questions on Muktzeh.”

The attendees will then break up into small groups and learn the Gemara from 9:35-11:35 a.m. led by one of the kollel members.

Following a 10-minute break, the morning program will continue with a shiur given each day from 11:45-12:20 p.m. by one of the following: Harav Boruch Gradon, Rosh Kollel; Rabbi Kalman Topp, Beth Jacob’s Rav; Rabbi Nachum Sauer, senior Maggid Shiur or Rabbi Dovid Revah of Adas Torah.

The topic covered is from Gemara Sukkah, “Osek B’Mitzvah Patur Min Hamitzvah,” discussing whether one who is engaged in a mitzvah is exempt from another mitzvah at the same time.

The daily program will end with tefillas Minchah.

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