Hachnasas Sefer Torah at Young Israel of Hancock Park

Los Angeles -
Reb Elimelech Kest is mechubad with kesivas os assisted by sofer, Rabbi Moshe Weider.

On Sunday morning, December 9, the seventh day of Chanukah, the Los Angeles Young Israel of Hancock Park celebrated the hachnasas sefer Torah in memory of Reb Dovid Yisroel ben Dov, z”l, and Fruma bas Reb Boruch, a”h, Reb Sinai Arye ben Reb Chaim, z”l, and Hendel bas Reb Yitzchok, a”h, dedicated by their children, Mr. and Mrs. Hymie and Marilyn Barber.

Reb Hymie Barber with the sefer Torah dedicated to his parents and in-laws.

Following the mitzvah of kesivas osiyos, hagbahah and gelilah, the crowd of Rabbanim and baalei battim marched outside to the accompaniment of music. The olam danced under a chuppah down the street and then returned to the shul.

Following the recitation of Tehillim led by Rabbi Nechemia Langer, the sifrei Torah were returned to the aron kodesh, and once again the crowd danced around the bimah, returning the sifrei Torah to the aron to the singing of “Se’u She’arim Rosheichem.

L-R: Rabbi Nechemia Langer and Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox reciting Tehillim at the Barber hachnasas sefer Torah.

The community was then invited to a seudas mitzvah to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

Rabbi Yitzchok Kornwasser is mechubad with carrying the Barber sefer Torah.
Dancing in the street at the hachnasas sefer Torah.