Terrorist in Barkan Attack Killed by Israeli Forces in his Hideout Near Nablus

Yerushalayim -
Israeli security forces near the scene of the terror attack in the Barkan Industrial Zone, October 7. (Flash90)

After a manhunt which lasted more than nine weeks, Asraf Nealwah, the terrorist who perpetrated the Barkan attack, was killed near Nablus by in a joint operation of Yamam, Shabak and IDF forces, as they converged on his hideout to arrest him.

The operation was the culmination of weeks of an extended manhunt where several of his suspected collaborators in the attack were taken in for questioning. Some of these suspects were questioned by Shabak and other were brought up on charges.

In the course of the investigation it was revealed that Ashraf Nealweh was planning another attack, which was prevented by tonight’s operation.