Belzer Rebbe Sends Chanukah Gelt to Chassidim in SI

The Belzer Rebbe, shlita, is presented with a kvittel of mispallelim of the Belzer shtiebel on Staten Island, by Reb Pinchus Orlander.

Belzer Chassidim of Staten Island were excited to learn that the Belzer Rebbe, shlita sent Chanukah gelt for all their children this Chanukah.

Reb Pinchas Orlander, one of the founding members of the Belzer community on Staten Island, personally updated the Rebbe about the exponential growth of the chassidic community in Willowbrook, Manor Heights and the surrounding neighborhoods. Specifically, he informed the Rebbe about the new Belzer shtiebel and its members on the island.

The Rebbe inquired about the quality of life, housing market and the logistics of the tzibbur living on Staten Island, and provided his warmest brachos for its continuing success and siyatta diShmaya.