Yahrtzeit of the Bas Ayin, Zy”a, Marked in Tzfas

Harav Elimelech Biderman inspires the thousands at the seudah in Tzfas with his divrei Torah and divrei chizuk at the seudah Monday night. (David Cohen/Flash90)

The yahrtzeit of the Bas Ayin, zy”a, Harav Avraham Dov Auerbach of Ovritch, who is buried in Tzfas, was marked Monday night and Tuesday, 12 Kislev.

As he has done in the last several years, the famous mashpia Harav Elimelech Biderman presided over a yahrtzeit seudah in Tzfas, and also arranged for many buses from across Eretz Yisrael to converge on Tzfas, bringing many thousands in need of yeshuos and refuos to daven at the kever.

Harav Elimelech Biderman at the seudah. (David Cohen/Flash90)

The Bas Ayin was niftar childless, and his kever in Tzfas is noted as a place of yeshuos.

Thousands of people took part in the seudah. (David Cohen/Flash90)

Zechuso yagen aleinu.

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