Hanachas Even Hapinah for Hachnasas Orchim Building in Rimanov

The Rimanover Rebbe, shlita, led a trip from Eretz Yisrael to Poland, to mark the yahrtzeit of the Rimanover Rebbe, Harav Tzvi Hirsch Meshares, zy”a, on the first day of Rosh Chodesh Kislev. During the nesiah, the Rebbe and his entourage davened at many kivrei tzaddikim across Poland. The highlight of the trip was the tefillos at the kever in Rimanov, as well as the hanachas even hapinah for a hachnasas orchim facility in Rimanov.
The seudah marking the yahrtzeit, led by the Rebbe, shlita (C).
At the cornerstone pouring in Rimanov.

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