Rockland’s Wieder Accuses Ethics Board of Leaking Complaint


Rockland Legislator Aron Wieder is accusing the county’s Board of Ethics of leaking a complaint filed against him to County Executive Ed Day — even though Wieder himself was not told of it.

Wieder, a Democrat who has been critical of Day’s frequent denunciations of the Orthodox community since his election in 2012, accused the board of breaking the law.

“I am calling for a full investigation by the District Attorney’s Office and the immediate resignation of the three board members who signed this letter,” Wieder said.

The complaint was allegedly filed by members of Yaffed, an anti-yeshivah group who has sued yeshivos in Brooklyn and has been lobbing accusations against the community on Twitter, tagging the FBI.

About a half-year ago, Wieder began a campaign to bring attention to the deceptiveness of the Yaffed founder’s claims, noting that he has left the Orthodox community and could not claim to speak on its behalf.

“Members of Yaffed, I suspect, complained about me to the Ethics Board,” Wieder told Hamodia on Tuesday, saying he was tipped off of this over the summer. He added that he suspected Peter Bradley, a Clarkstown town councilman, is also behind the complaint. Wieder had called him out on Twitter for anti-Semitic comments he had made.

The Ethics Board responded in a letter dated Nov. 6 that they looked into the matter and decided “that addressing the behavior of a Legislator was not within the scope of the Board of Ethics.” They suggested the legislature review Wieder’s actions.

The letter was addressed to Toney Earl, the county legislature’s chairman and was not copied to Wieder. But it was copied to Day, a violation of the board’s own confidentiality rules. Within a day, the letter was posted on an online page close to Day.

“There is a pattern by the Day administration to use confidential county and government resources to go after his adversaries,” Wieder said.

Wieder added that he will continue his campaign to expose what is behind Yaffed’s advocacy and ongoing acts of anti-Semitism toward Jewish residents in the county.

“I will never be silenced, and I will continue to speak out against the abhorrent behavior,” Wieder said. “If this is an attempt by the Day administration to silence me for highlighting the anti-Semitism taking place in Rockland County and allegedly in his administration, he will fail.”

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