Moshe Lion Has Won the Yerushalayim Mayoral Runoff Election

Supporters of Jerusalem mayoral candidate Moshe Leon react to the results of the mayoral race. (Yonatan Sindel/FLASH90)

6:55 pm

Ofer Berkovitch said his legal team will review the results for any voting irregularities. “There are not an unsubstantial amount of  polls which we will check. Until the last moment, there is still hope,” Berkovitch said in his statement.

6:45 pm

Moshe Lion has won the mayoral runoff election with 51.54% to Berkovitch’s 48.46%. Lion leads by 6,628 votes out of more than 212,000 votes cast.

6:05 pm

Moshe Lion appears headed for victory with 51.46% to Berkovitch’s 48.4%. Lion leads by 6,153 votes out of more than 211,000 votes cast.


5:30 pm

With 95% counted, Lion pulls ahead 93,021 vs Berkovitch 91,908, leading by 1%

5:20 pm

With 80% counted, Berkivitch leads Lion by 3% with 4500 votes ahead

4:50 pm

In local elections, Mayoral race in Tzfas has been called for Shuki Ohana from Likud

with 70% of votes counted in Yerushalayim, Berkovitch with 50,300 votes vs Lion with 42,600

4:35 pm

After 30% of polls counted, Berkovitch has widened the lead by 54%-45% for Lion. Berkovitch leading by 5,700 votes

4:22 pm

After 20% of polls counted, Berkovitch leads by 3609 votes

3:56 pm:

After 3% of polls counted, Berkovich leads by 35 votes

3:40 pm EST:

Polling places are now closed. The total turnout was low amounting to 201,032 total votes.


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