IAF Destroys Hamas Offices in Gaza

Arial view of the Military Intelligence Unit building. (IDF)

An IDF spokesperson reported that IDF fighter jets attacked the military intelligence office of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Al-Farqan neighborhood in the northern Gaza Strip. The high-rise building served the military intelligence operatives of the Hamas terrorist organization to collect intelligence against the State of Israel.

The Military Intelligence Unit of Hamas carried out intelligence activity in the building which is located in the heart of a populated area and adjacent to a school. The unit is responsible for all intelligence gathering and research operations against the State of Israel, and for interpreting the intelligence situation to senior members of the military wing.

Military Intelligence Unit building before IAF bombing. (IDF)

“This was an attack on the property of the central government, and was a response to Hamas’ extensive terrorist attacks of the Hamas terror organization on citizens of Israel.”

The IDF spokesperson declared that they are determined to defend the citizens of Israel with any means which are at their disposal. The spokesman reiterated that the Hamas terrorist organization bears responsibility for all hostilities taking place in and out of the Gaza Strip.

Military Intelligence Unit building after IAF bombing. (IDF)