How People in Your New York Neighborhood Voted

simcha eichenstein, simcha felder
Assembly candidate Simcha Eichenstein voting in Boro Park. (Benjamin Kantner)

Simcha Felder and Simcha Eichenstein – That’s whom my kehillah, Bobov, said I should vote for.

Miriam from Boro Park

Simcha and Simcha; otherwise Republican down the line. Because I am pro-Donald Trump, and he wants us to vote Republican.

Ari from Boro Park

I have never voted. My father, like many other Holocaust survivors, always insisted that people do their best not to have their names written down on any government documents. So for kibbud av, I never registered to vote. But I allow my children vote.

Eli from Bensonhurst

Simcha and Simcha and Cuomo. Don’t ask me why; I voted Democrat down the line.

Chaya from Boro Park

All Republicans, except that I voted for Letitia James (a Democrat running for attorney general), because I thought she was running against Thomas DiNapoli (a Democrat running for state comptroller). I must have made a mistake.

Yossi from Boro Park

Simcha Felder, because of his mentshlichkeit and dedicated service to our community over the years. I have dealt with him personally and know of his admirable qualities first-hand.

I voted for Gov. Cuomo, in view of his assistance to the Jewish community in the past. Recalling now Cuomo’s unimpressive performance in debating his opponent and disinterest in discussing the real issues, I regret not familiarizing myself more with his opponent’s views.

Moshe from Flatbush

Felder, Eichenstein, Cuomo, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

I think Cuomo is doing a fine job. I never heard of Molinaro.
I think Gillibrand is a good senator. There is nothing wrong with her; who said someone else is better? She is doing a good job. I have heard no complaints.

Chaya from Boro Park

Simcha and Simcha; otherwise all Republicans. Because my father told me to.

Eli from Boro Park

I don’t remember every vote I cast, and I frankly should have done more research ahead of time; I would have if I weren’t so busy. I acknowledge that the city did what it could to ensure that the voting public was educated about who was running and what they stood for. I appreciated that the proposals on the back of the ballot were summarized; it enabled me to make informed decisions, at least on that score.

Sarah from Midwood

Cuomo, because I am not so unhappy with him. Chele Farley for Senate, because Gillibrand became too leftist lately. Letitia James, for a simple reason: name recognition. Naomi Levin for Congress, because Jerrold Nadler got too leftist lately. Democrats in general have become too leftist, because even if they are moderate, they are under pressure to move to the left.

Joseph from Boro Park

Molinaro, because Cuomo is a true talmid of Efron: Emor harbeh v’afilu me’at aino oseh. Keith Wofford for attorney general, because James said she’ll make life miserable for Trump. Farley, because Gillibrand is too close to Israel-haters for her own good.

Mendy from Boro Park

I voted for the Conservative Party down the line.

Shaul from Boro Park

Marc Molinaro. I used to think highly of Cuomo, but he has recently become too self-assured about his position; he seems to have thought that debating his opponents prior to the election was beneath his dignity. That makes me think of him as stale and burned out. We don’t need leadership like that.

Aaron from Lower East Side

Naomi Levin, because Nadler voted for the Iran nuclear deal. Simcha Felder, because everything about him is great. I also voted for Farley and Molinaro — mostly Republican down the line. I am a registered Democrat but have Republican values

Usher from Boro Park

Republican, straight down the line, even though I wasn’t familiar with every single candidate. I want to thank our Republican president for his courageous leadership. And we hope the Democratic party takes note that they have abandoned a significant portion of Americans with their liberal policies.

Rochel from Kensington

I voted for Simcha Eichenstein, because my kids are classmates with his. I also voted for Simcha Felder.

Heshy from Boro Park

Molinaro, because I think Cuomo is tilting to the left in order to run for national office. Simcha Felder, because I think he will be a good advocate for our community.

Zev from Flatbush

Simcha Felder, who is a real fighter for the needs of our community. On the statewide races and in the congressional race, I cast a protest vote, writing in the name of a friend. The reality is that on every level — whether for governor, senator or Congress, even the candidates running on the Conservative and Republican lines have positions on moral issue that are an anathema to Torah Jews.

Avraham from Boro Park

Molinaro, because he is not Cuomo. Felder, because he has a great track record for the Jewish community. Farley, because I do not trust Gillibrand. But I don’t know if Farley is going to be effective (I also don’t think she’s going to win; she has no name recognition).

Keith Wofford for attorney general — I saw a photo of him at Ohel Chabad, and he is on the Conservative line.

Rose from Midwood

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