Manchester Beth Din Sets Out Plans for Community’s Involvement

Dayan Gavriel Krausz of the Manchester beis din (C), Dayan Chaim Heimlich of the Machziei Hadass beis din (L), Rabbi Ari Thumim (R) and Dayan Chaim Krausz of Gateshead (standing), during a get procedure in Manchester.

Dayan Steiner and Rabbi Royde, both of the Manchester Beth Din, invited over 40 shul delegates to a meeting last Sunday night. Dayan Steiner highlighted the fantastic and widespread work that the Manchester Beth Din carries out for the whole community, no matter what their affiliation is.

In particular, gittin is an area where the Manchester Beth Din is recognized as the single most respected authority within the whole of Manchester. When it comes to kashrus, Manchester Beth Din spares no effort in ensuring that all organizations are not only kosher, but kosher to the highest caliber. This spans from North to South Manchester and includes King David schools, North Cheshire Primary, Bury & Whitefield Schools and Heathlands village.

Rabbi Royde went on to explain how the kosher certification service, highly recognized worldwide for its professionalism and high standards, is the financial engine that helps fund the services provided by the Manchester Beth Din.

The delegates were pleased to learn that the kosher certification clientele have mushroomed over the last 10 years, thanks to the hard work of Dayan Steiner and Rabbi Royde.

Following the sudden and sad passing of Rabbi Yehuda Brodie, z”l, a huge void needed filling. With siyatta diShmaya, Rabbi Sofer, Rav of Beis Yisroel shul, has been able to take on many of the roles Rabbi Brodie had filled.

Despite the success of many of the Beth Din’s endeavors, it was acknowledged that volunteers are needed within the community to ensure the Manchester beis din can continue not only to function, but to grow in step with the burgeoning Manchester community. What better way for a community beis din to succeed than to draw assistance from the community itself? It was explained that this was the purpose of calling the delegates together: to draw on the professional expertise of the community to drive the Manchester Beth Din forward.

Rabbi Sofer set out the many opportunities that are available for delegates to get involved, in respect of the vast range of services the Manchester Beth Din offers. This includes assisting with PR of the Manchester Beth Din hechsher, helping to streamline the services provided by the Beth Din to make it more user-friendly and even to expand the services offered.

Mr. Zevi Brodie, who manages the Beth Din Mikvah, briefly highlighted the virtues of the mikveh. A recent appeal to the community for a stage 2 refurbishment of the mikveh was well received by the community and is showing early signs of success.

In the end, the vision as set out by Dayan Steiner was overwhelmingly endorsed by those present. A plan of action was agreed on how to begin the process of realizing the vision of a Manchester Beth Din that is not only for the community, but also by the community.

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