Jackson Mayor Calls out “Anti-Semitic” Campaign Material

Jackson Mayor Michael Reina spoke out against what he called anti-Semitic campaign material linking him to Lakewood-based developers.

“How is that anything but anti-Semitism?” Mayor Reina told the Asbury Park Press, saying that the campaign has involved “spreading more misinformation about me than I’ve seen in the 12 years I’ve been doing this.”

One such flier shows a digitally doctored image of the Mayor giving a “thumbs up” sign in front of a construction site of town houses with a message on the bottom that reads, “vote no to Lakewood style development, vote no to Mayor Michael Reina.”

The incumbent is facing Tracie Yostpille, who is running on the “Save Jackson” line. She is a teacher and a leader in the state’s teacher’s union. Mrs. Yostpille and those on her slate’s campaign pledges that “we will stop this high-density Lakewood-style development.” She is joined on the ticket by Brandon Rose and Paul Sarti who are running for the two open council seats. Jackson municipal elections are non-partisan, but Mayor Reina and all incumbent council members are Republicans. Members of the Save Jackson line are Democrats and are being managed by Mitch Seim a well-known Democratic Party operative in the state.