Hazan Outrages Knesset With Verbal Abuse


Parliamentary discourse in Israel reached a new low on Monday when one MK berated another, who suffers from a disability, as “a half-human.”

Likud MK Oren Hazan insisted afterwards that the epithet addressed to Meretz MK Ilan Gilon had nothing to do with the latter’s disability, but “referred only to his beastly behavior and not anything else.”

To prove that this was so, Hazan noted that he had hurled the same insult before at able-bodied MKs. He said he sees all human beings as equal.

Hazan’s denial did not persuade outraged MKs. Complaints were immediately filed against Hazan with the Knesset Ethics Committee, which has disciplined him for improper conduct before. This time, MKs are demanding a nine-month suspension from the Knesset, as well as docking a portion of his salary.

Gilon did not take Hazan’s abuse in silence, calling Hazan a “golem,” a less-than-human creature.