Man Shot in Lobby of Fox 5 Station in Washington

WASHINGTON (The Washington Post) -

A man was shot in the lobby of the Fox 5 TV station in Northwest Washington Monday afternoon, District of Columbia police said. The man’s condition was not immediately available.

The shooting occurred shortly after 3 p.m. at the longtime location for WTTG-5, police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said.

Lindsay Watts, a reporter for Fox 5, tweeted that a security guard “shot a man attempting to enter our building unauthorized. Man was conscious as he was transported into ambulance a few minutes ago.”

Another Fox reporter, Evan Lambert, tweeted the police told them there was “no ongoing threat.”

Sternbeck could not confirm the report that a security guard at the station had shot the man.

Sternbeck said he did not think the wounded man had reached the newsroom of the station.