Pittsburgh Jewish Community New Chaburah

The chabura learning
Credit: Rabbi Binyamin Bauman

The Pittsburgh Jewish community’ night life just got a new buzz.

A new chaburah was started this zman for night seder in the Kollel Jewish learning center of Pitttsburgh. Rabbi Chaim Leibowitz and Dr. Yonah Abraham were looking for a night seder  with serious learning that they could belong to. They approached the Kolllel Jewish Learning Center to create a Chabura of serious Bnei Torah.

Associate Rosh Kollel Rabbi Daniel Schon on the right learning with Dovi Nadoff on the left

After a long day at the office 14 people make the effort to come for a serious hour of learning. They meet Monday thru Thursday forom 8:40 pm to 9:40pm. The Chabura covers a blatt a week with mareh mekomos written by the Rosh chabura. The Chaburah is led by Rabbi Shmuli Mandelbaum, one of the yungerliet in the Kollel. They are currently learning Maseches Beitza.

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