New Service: Pick Up Foreign Currency at Ben Gurion Airport

Ben-Gurion Airport. (Reuters)

In a new program, Israelis can now order and pay for foreign currency at their local post office – and pick up the cash at Ben Gurion airport, before they leave the country. The point of the program is to make it easier for individuals to keep their foreign currency secure, the idea being that it is less likely to get lost or stolen if the passenger gets it at the last moment.

The program applies to 27 popular international currencies, including dollars, pounds, and euros, and can be picked up 24 hours a day from the Bank Hapoalim desk inside the airport. No commission is taken on the exchange.

According to Avi Belo, head of the Postal Bank, “The new service is one of many services we offer to travelers abroad at fair prices, including purchase of foreign currency, transfers, prepaid credit cards, cellphone SIM cards for different destinations that provide travelers with an Israeli phone number that can be dialed as a local number, and more. The new service saves time and money, and the national presence of the Postal Bank ensures that all Israelis will be able to order foreign currency as needed.”