Israel Railways Cancels Dozens of Trips

(Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Israel Railways announced Monday that it would be canceling dozens of trips on two lines: the Rishonim-Lod line and the Beit Shemesh-Malcha (Yerushalayim) line.

On the Rishonim-Lod line, 21 trips will be canceled, while on the Beit Shemesh-Malcha line, 8 trips will be canceled.

“Due to the malingering of train drivers and the effective illegal strike of the railway workers’ committee, we had no choice but to cancel dozens of passenger trains, starting from the next hour, after 13 trains were canceled Sunday,” Israel Railways said in a statement.

“After the operation of on-call drivers, and after an assessment of the situation at the company, it became clear that there was no choice but to cancel additional regular trains, even today, despite all attempts to avoid it.

Israel Railways made every effort to reduce the damage to passengers, and cancellations were made on lines on which there are the lowest numbers of passengers.”