IDF Won’t Demolish Home of Yerushalayim Terror Murderer of Adiel Coleman, Hy”d

Relatives and friends carry the body of Adiel Coleman, Hy”d, an Israeli who was murdered in a stabbing attack in Yerushalayim’s Old City in March. (Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)

For more than six months there has been an outstanding IDF order for the demolition of the home of the murderer of Adiel Coleman, Hy”d, who was stabbed to death in the Old City of Yerushalayim in March of this year. That order has yet to be carried out – and in a statement Thursday, the army said that it would not be carried out, because of the “difficult circumstances” of the family.

Bad al-Rahman Bani Fadal stabbed Coleman on March 18 on Hagai Street, near the Lion’s Gate entrance to the Old City and adjacent to one of the entrances of Har HaBayis. Coleman, 32, was stabbed and badly injured in his upper body, and was taken to hospital in critical condition. He was niftar after several hours. Fadal was shot and killed by security forces. Fadal had a permit to enter Yerushalayim, security officials said.

An order for the demolition of Fadal’s home was issued several weeks later. The family appealed it, saying that it was not fair to them – because Fadal suffered from a “mental condition” that caused him to kill Coleman. In its statement, the IDF said that it accepted that argument. “The family in its appeal claimed that the terrorist has suffered from a mental condition and provided documentation to that effect.

“After a thorough examination of the claims and consultations with the highest authorities, we have decided not to demolish the house, and to accept the appeal,” the statement said. “The IDF sympathizes with the Coleman family’s loss and has updated the family on our decision and the reasons for it. We will continue to do everything possible to act against terrorists and prevent terror attacks.”