Source: Revelations About Hamas Chevron an ‘Earthquake’ for Terror Group

Hamas holds a drill in preparation to any upcoming confrontation with Israel, in the southern Gaza Strip. (Reuters/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)

Revelations about the operations of Hamas in Chevron have caused “an earthquake” in the terror group, a Hamas source told Channel 20 after dozens of names, documents, identity numbers, and even phone numbers of Hamas terrorists were revealed in a special broadcast Tuesday night. The data was the result of questioning by Israeli security officers of female Hamas terrorists who were arrested several weeks ago, and whose job, it turned out, was to spy on male terrorists to ensure that they were fulfilling their roles, and especially that they were not secretly giving information to Israel.

The spying was at the impetus of Hamas in Gaza, which wanted to make sure that it was in control of Hamas in Yehudah and Shomron, and especially in Chevron. The female terrorists are also used to recruit new Hamas members. Via committees and public activist organizations sponsored by Hamas, the female terrorists invite new members via social media, and have them install spyware on their personal devices. Hamas then tries to activate them to carry out terror attacks. Among those recruited in this way were attorneys, judges, teachers, and other members of the upper strata of Chevron Arab society.

Many of these recruits are used to transfer money or otherwise assist terrorists “in the field.” In many cases, the report said, the female terrorists are unaware of how they are being used by Hamas, believing that they are working on committees to lobby for the release of terrorists held in Israeli prisons, or organizing celebrations for religious events, for example. The report said that several of the female terrorists expressed regret that they had been used for Hamas’s terror purposes. None of the female terrorists were members of families of top Hamas terrorists, the report noted; the terror group recruits its functionaries from Chevron’s middle and working classes.

The hundreds of documents that Channel 20 acquired from investigators who questioned the female terrorists detail a great deal of information about how Hamas plans and funds its attacks, details of money laundering operations, etc. The documents list phone numbers, addresses, and other personal information of the recruits in the Hamas network, as well as those of the senior terrorists. They also indicate that most of the Hamas terror attacks in Judea and Samaria are planned in Hevron.

The Hamas source confirmed Channel 20’s report, telling reporters that “this is the way it is in Hamas – one stabs the other in the back to get ahead. I am sure that this broadcast will not go unnoticed in Hamas, and it will have significant ramifications on the group. Hamas needs to understand that something has happened here, and individuals will be called upon to pay a heavy price for what has happened.”