Terrorists Ordered to Pay Israeli Victims NIS 30K in Compensation

A military court room. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

A military court in Yehudah and Shomron imposed a fine amounting to NIS 30,000 on three terrorists who committed a terror attack earlier this year. The three were convicted of setting a a bomb along a highway in the Chevron Hills region, near the town of Otniel, as an Israeli vehicle passed by. Two Israeli women who were in the vehicle went into shock from the force of the explosion. Their car was damaged by shards of metal, and they fled on foot, seeking assistance.

The indictment charged the three with attempted murder, as well as with handling and carrying illegal weapons, conspiracy to commit a terror act, and illegal assembly. The terrorists pleaded guilty in a plea deal and were sentenced to a variety of jail sentences. After appeal by attorneys representing the victims, the three were ordered to pay the NIS 30,000 in compensation.

The Israeli victims were represented by the Honenu rights organization. Chaim Bleicher, an attorney for the group, said that Honenu “saw a great value in forcing terrorists to pay their victims. The message to terrorists is that besides having to sit in jail, their money will go to the benefit of the people they sought to harm, just because they are Jews. We will continue to work with victims to ensure that the sentences and fines imposed on terrorists are increasingly harsh.”

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