About Half of Israelis Overweight, Numbers Show


About half of the Israeli population is overweight, according to numbers released Monday by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Among men, 55 percent of men age 20 and older are overweight, while for women, the figure was 41 percent – for a total of 48 percent of all Israelis. Fifty-two percent of Israelis are unsatisfied with their weight, but only 21 percent are planning to do anything about it.

The data was based on a scientifically determined sample of 7,300 Israelis, representing the country’s 5.5 million people age 20 and older. The data relates to the situation in 2017. Statistics on overweight have been collected by the CBS since 2010.

Among men, 2 percent reported they were underweight, while 39 percent said they were at the correct weight for their age and height. A similar number reported being overweight, while 13 percent were obese, and 4 percent were hyper-obese. Among women, 5 percent were underweight and 45 percent were at the proper weight. Twenty-six percent were overweight, 11 percent obese, and 4 percent hyper-obese.

Fifty-eight percent of women were interested in doing something about their weight, while only 46 percnet of men felt that a diet was necessary. Age is also a factor; 56 percent of overweight Israelis 45 and older were interested in losing weight, compared to 48 percent of overweight Israelis under 45. Among overweight Jews, 54 percent said they wanted to lose weight, compared to 41 percent of Arabs. Forty-seven percent of those who do diet received guidance from doctors or other health professionals, while 31 percent received help from organizations, companies that back diet plans, etc.