Arab Terrorist Sought to Stab Kippah-Wearing Jew


An indictment was handed down Thursday against Saliman Kapisha, a 26-year-old Arab terrorist from Chevron. According to the indictment, Kapisha was preparing to carry out a suicide attack against Jews in Yerushalayim – and was actively seeking out a Jew to stab, preferably one wearing a kippah.

Kapisha left Chevron two weeks ago carrying clothing, a large knife, and tear gas, the indictment says. He left Palestinian Authority-controlled areas via a hole in the security fence and traveled to the Old City of Yerushalayim at night, where he wandered around for several hours, searching for a victim.

He later decided to postpone his mission until the next day, and was looking around for a place to sleep when he was confronted by police at around midnight, who conducted a search and discovered the knife. Kapisha attempted to run away, but was caught after a short chase. Under questioning, he admitted to the plot, and he was arrested and detained.

On Thursday, the IDF arrested an Arab who attempted to cross the Gaza border fence. The Arab was spotted attempting to breach the fence by soldiers, and was detained for questioning. Officials said that a Gaza Arab attempted to breach the security fence in a similar manner and enter Israel on Wednesday night as well. That Arab was arrested and questioned too, the IDF said.

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