Rebbetzin Chana Devorah Greineman, A”h

A large levayah was held in Bnei Brak on Monday to accompany Rebbetzin Chana Devorah Greineman, a”h, on her final journey. Rebbetzin Greineman was the wife of Harav Chaim Shaul Greineman, zt”l, a nephew and disciple of the Chazon Ish, zt”l, and author of Chiddushim Ube’iurim. She passed away Monday morning at the age of 93, and was buried in the Shomrei Shabbos cemetery in Bnei Brak.

Rebbetzin Greineman was born in Yerushalayim on Chanukah, 29 Kislev 5685. Her father, Harav Yisrael Shalom Luria, zt”l, was a R”M and Mashigach Ruchani in Yeshivas Toras Chaim and a renowned Rav of the Eidah Hachareidis community. The Rebbetzin grew up in a home permeated with yiras Hashem, ahavas Torah and chessed, all of which she practiced for the rest of her life.

In 5707, the Rebbetzin married Harav Chaim Greineman, who already then was recognized as a giant in Torah and yiras Shamayim. Rav Chaim was born in Lithuania in 5684 to his father, Harav Shmuel Greineman, and his mother, who was a daughter of Harav Shmaryahu Yosef Karelitz, zt”l, the Rav of Kossova in Lithuania. She was a sister of the Chazon Ish, Harav Avraham Yeshayah Karelitz, zy”a. Rebbetzin Greineman’s husband became one of the talmidim muvhakim of the Chazon Ish, and he learned together with, ybl”c, his cousins, Harav Chaim Kanievesky, shlita, and Harav Nissim Karelitz, shlita. The Even Ha’ezel, Harav Isser Zalman Meltzer, zt”l, Rosh Yeshivas Eitz Chaim in Yerushalayim, was honored with siddur kiddushin at their wedding.

When their oldest son was born, the Chazon Ish traveled to Yerushalayim to serve as sandak at the bris.

Harav Chaim drew on the wellsprings of Torah and yiras Shamayim that flowed in the homes of his father and uncle, and continued to infuse these values into the new home that he and his Rebbetzin established. Rebbetzin Chana Devora was the center of the home and raised a large family; her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are eminent Torah scholars and teachers, continuing along the path of their father and uncle.

Already as a young man, Rav Chaim authored in-depth sefarim on Torah and Shas b’iyun, which over the years encompassed all of Shas. He was a very wise and knowledgeable person, especially on medical issues, and was a leader for many who came to seek his counsel on avodas Hashem and learning, as well as other areas of life.

He was instrumental in establishing schools, especially for the Sephardic community, yeshivos and girls’ high school, and was one of the founders of the teshuvah movement. Among his spiritual and educational enterprises were the Torah institutions he established in Zichron Yaakov in the north of Israel and Tifrach in the south of Israel; the Arachim organization for outreach; and the Ohr Hachaim high school in Bnei Brak for Sephardic girls. Later he also established mesivtas for youths from the Sephardic community who came from towns and cities in the periphery. The Rebbetzin was an active partner in all these endeavors.

After their marriage the Greinemans lived in the Kerem neighborhood of Yerushalayim. After the passing of Rav Chaim’s father they moved to Bnei Brak, where Rav Shmuel had established a beis medrash on Chiddushei Harim Street in the city.

Throughout her life, the Rebbetzin submitted herself completely to her husband’s daas Torah, and anything he said was holy to her. She displayed extreme concern for others, and put other people’s needs before her own. During her long life she endured difficult times, but exuded rock-solid emunah through it all and never complained.

After the passing of the Chazon Ish on 15 Cheshvan 5714, Harav Chaim Greineman, his nephew, became known as one of his successors who perpetuated his legacy. Rav Chaim followed many of the practices of the Chazon Ish, who would learn Torah until he had no energy left and did not desist from his learning until he was overtaken by sleep. Rav Chaim similarly learned Torah with intense concentration until he was completely sapped of all strength.

Many of the disciples of the Chazon Ish and those who followed his ways came to Rav Chaim to learn Torah and how to conduct their lives. Among his renowned talmidim were Harav Avraham Genichovsky, zt”l, one of the Roshei Yeshivah of Tchebin; Harav Shalom Meir Yungerman, zt”l, head of the Zichron Yaakov institutions; and, ybl”c, Harav Dov Landau, shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Slabodka; Harav Yehudah Boyer, shlita; Harav Yaakov Yitzchak Friedman, shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Tifrach; and Harav Yechezkel Bretler, shlita.

Three years ago, on Pesach of 5775, Harav Chaim Greineman passed away. The Rebbetzin continued his endeavors to the best of her ability, and was extremely dedicated to her large family.

She recently fell ill, and passed away on Monday morning, surrounded by dozens of her descendents. The levayah took place in Bnei Brak, and she was buried near her husband in the Shomrei Shabbos cemetery.

The Rebbetzin is survived by beautiful generations following the path that she and her illustrious husband set down for them.