Swastikas Scrawled on Walls of Shul in Petach Tikvah


Several swastikas were found scrawled on the walls of a shul in Petach Tikva Wednesday. Israel Police ‎have launched an investigation into the incident but have no suspects at this time.

The swastikas ‎and SS graffiti were discovered on the ‎walls of the Mikdash Moshe shul, in the heart of Petach Tikva, by mispallelim ‎arriving for Shacharis. ‎They alerted the police immediately.‎

Several similar vandalism cases have been reported ‎in Petach Tikva in recent years, as well as in other ‎cities across Israel, where shuls and public ‎venues were defaced with Nazi symbols.‎

So far, in all previous cases, the police detained ‎teens who admitted to vandalizing property as part of a prank. ‎

Only one case, around ten years ago, led to ‎suspects involved in a Nazi-like cult. Members of ‎the cult were arrested, convicted and sentenced to ‎various prison terms after admitting to assaulting ‎religious and foreign individuals and killing ‎animals for ritualistic purposes. ‎