New Free Book Catalogs Israeli Innovation

Yuichi Imahata walks using a robotic exoskeleton called ReWalk at Kanagawa Rehabilitation Center. (AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama)

For the first time, there is a publication that brings together information about all of Israel’s high-tech innovations in one place, in a book that describes the country’s advances – available for free. The 204-page book is published by the Economy Ministry’s Israel Innovation Authority, and is available in a Hebrew and English edition, as well as a Chinese edition.

Among the innovations discussed in the book are some of the better-known inventions and technologies developed or invented in Israel, such as the Disk on Key, ICQ instant messaging, Waze, the ReWalk transport system for those who cannot walk, and many others, as well as less well-known but equally groundbreaking innovations. The 200 innovations in the book were chosen from a much longer list of innovations that have been developed here since the state was established.

According to Economy Minister Eli Cohen, “Israel has had some significant advancements in technology throughout its history. The state’s recognition of the importance of innovation, development and research, and especially its human resources, has turned Israel into a technological hothouse that brings benefit to the whole world, and is a source of national pride.”

Aharon Aharon, director of the Innovation Authority, added that “Israel is known around the world as the Start-Up Nation, a country where innovation, technology and advancement brings economic advancement and growth. Investors come to Israel to see the future.”