Levayah Set for Friday for Victim of Adam Terror Stabbing Attack

Security forces at the scene of a stabbing attack in the town of Adam, on Thursday night. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

The name of the the victim of Thursday’s stabbing terror attack in the Biyamin-region town of Adam was released for publication, ahead of his levayah. The levayah of Yotam Ovadia, Hy”d, a 31-year-old resident of Adam is set for 1:00 p.m. Israel time in Yerushalayim.

Mohammed Tarek, the 17-year-old Arab terrorist who murdered an Israeli and injured two others in a stabbing attack in Adam Thursday, made no secret of his intention to murder Jews. Tarek had posted numerous times on social media that he intended to murder Israelis, and before leaving his village of Kubar on Thursday to commit the stabbing act that led to the death of a an Israeli, he wrote that “we Palestinians have an enemy and they must be harmed.”

The incident in Adam took the life of Ovadia. A 58-year-old Israeli man was seriously injured in the incident. His situation was improved Friday morning, doctors said. A third Israeli was lightly injured by the stabber, and he was released from the hospital early Friday.

Israeli forces entered Kubar early Friday, gathering evidence and arresting accomplices who assisted Tarek in committing the murder. Tarek was killed by security forces after his stabbing spree.

Tarek made no secret of his radical terrorist views.“Those who have weapons look aside at the suffering of the Palestinians. They are traitors,” he wrote in one of numerous social media posts expressing similar thoughts. “We need to remember that we have an enemy that must be harmed. We must prove that our blood is not cheap. We must prevent the Jews from going up to Al-Aqsa [Har Habayis]. We need to use our bullets and put them into the bodies of our enemies, remembering that the children in Gaza were suffering.”

Kubar is the same town in which Omar Abed Al-Jalil lived. Al-Jalil last year murdered three members of the Salomon family in the town of Chalamish, taking the lives of Yosef Salomon, 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon, 46, and son Elad, 36, Hy”d, in a stabbing spree.

Al-Jalil’s stabbing spree was halted when an off-duty IDF soldier who lived across the street rushed into the Salomon home after hearing screams coming from the house. He opened fire and hit al-Jalil, injuring him moderately. Elad Salomon’s wife, Michal, was able to take refuge in an inner room in the house, protecting her five children from the murderer. Officials are trying to determine if Al-Jalil’s murder inspired Tarek to undertake a similar attack.

In a statement, a spokesperson said that the incident occurred a little before 9:00 p.m. local time, when Tarek jumped over the fence surrounding Adam and began stabbing passersby, giving life-threatening injuries to two people. Another individual who saw the incident mistakenly thought that he was witnessing a fight between several people, and rushed over to break it up. He was lightly injured in a confrontation with the terrorist.

The army for several hours placed Adam under a strict curfew, with residents told to lock doors and windows, and to turn off the lights, as security forces searched Adam over the possibility that a second terrorist was present in the town.

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