IEC: Israel Broke Power Usage Record Wednesday

An Israel Electricity Company worker performing maintenance on a utility pole. (Flash 90)

Israel broke its electrical usage record Wednesday, as demand for power reached the highest level ever. At 1:50 p.m., in the midst of a monumental heat wave that hit the country Wednesday, demand reached a total of 12,921 megawatts. The previous record of 12,905 megawatts had been set in September 2015.

The Israel Electric Company said that it was “prepared for the unusually high demand” that was due to the massive running of air conditioners, as temperatures soared to and exceeded the 100-degree Fahrenheit level in many cities in the country. In addition to being very hot, the weather was very humid in many areas.

In a statement, the IEC said that it had “conducted an examination of the power lines in recent weeks, in anticipation of high usage levels and to determine if there were any problems on the lines. In addition, examinations were conducted in transformers and relay stations to ensure that the power would continue to flow,” the company said.