No Air Traffic Over Belgium Due to Technical Glitch


Belgium’s airspace was closed off for landings and departures Thursday afternoon because of a technical glitch in the data system of the air safety control center.

Belgocontrol spokesman Dominque Dehaene said the control center was executing a “clear sky” operation until the issue is fixed. He said “there is a problem loading flight data.” He could not immediately provide details of the technical difficulties.

Dominique Dehaene of Belgocontrol called it “a very specific problem” that created a risk that some information on flights might not be correct.

Brussels International Airport, which handles some 650 flights a day, said in a statement that “due to a technical system failure at Belgocontrol, air traffic is temporarily suspended. Please contact your airline company for further information.”

Charleroi Airport handles some 140 flights a day.

By comparison, Heathrow, which is Europe’s busiest airport, operates 1,299 flights a day.