Turkish Aid Agency in Yerushalayim Gets Intel Scrutiny


Israeli officials were reportedly taking another look at Turkish activities in east Yerushalayim, Yehudah and Shomron and Gaza, which could pose a risk to national security.

The National Security Council has drawn up a plan to restrict the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) which operates in those areas, exploiting connections to the Islamic Movement and Hamas. TIKA is suspected of funneling money into the region for terror purposes, according to Hadashot.

Security officials were considering a broad curtailment of TIKA operations, or a requirement of separate permits for its projects, to slow it down and allow more scrutiny by counter-intelligence agencies.

The news comes after recent media reports that Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Authority have complained to Israeli authorities of Turkish efforts to gain influence at their expense at Har HaBayis and east Yerushalayim.

TIKA is part of that effort, sponsoring some 400 aid projects, including restoration work on the Dome of the Rock, and new dormitory facilities for students at Ramallah’s Al-Quds University, according to Turkey’s Daily Sabah.