Economy Ministry Makes Renewed Push for ‘Made in Israel’ Product Sales

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Economy Minister Eli Cohen. (Yossi Zeliger/Flash90)

The Economy Ministry has embarked on a new campaign urging Israeli manufacturers to prominently mark the products they make with a “Made in Israel” label. Aimed directly at manufacturers of food products, the campaign is designed to encourage Israelis to buy more locally made products – in order to raise the currently low percentage of sales of Israeli-made products.

According to the Ministry, just 37 percent of food products bought by the public in Israeli supermarkets are made in Israel. In the area of personal care products, the numbers are even worse; just 8.5 percent of products bought are made in Israel. Some 6,000 products will be marked with the “Made in Israel” label, and the Ministry has embarked on a major advertising campaign encouraging purchase and use of these products.

According to Economy Minister Eli Cohen, “The membership of new and veteran manufacturers in the ‘Made in Israel’ club increases significantly the basket of goods available for Israelis that are locally made. With the new labeling effort, we will better be able to enforce regulations requiring the preference for acquisition of Israeli-made products in public tenders and the like.”