Lebanon Threatens to Attack Israeli Golan If War Breaks Out

Supporters of Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah display Hezbollah and Lebanese flags as he speaks via a screen in Baalbek, Bekaa valley in eastern Lebanon. (Reuters/Hassan Abdallah)

In the wake of the IDF’s increasing its presence on the Golan Heights in response to the flood of refugees on the Syrian side of the border, Lebanon-based terror group Hezbollah – which has been supporting the Syrian army in its battle with rebel groups – warned Israel that an attack on Lebanon would lead to a war on the Israeli side of the Golan border, a Lebanese newspaper reported.

The report in the A-Liwa newspaper quoted top Hezbollah terrorists as saying that the fluid situation in Syria increased the possibility of a regional war.

“The situation is open right now, but war is closer than ever, and it could break out in Lebanon, Yemen and on the Syria-Iraq border,” the report said, citing the various trouble spots on Syria’s borders.

Lebanon wants no part of a regional war encompassing Syria, and has recently sent that message out via France to all interested parties. Israel was also warned, with Hezbollah insisting it would attack Israeli targets on the Golan if Israel attacked targets in Lebanon.

With that, Hezbollah has no intention of leaving Syria at this time, and remains committed to helping Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad rout the rebel groups, especially in the area south of Damascus, close to the Israeli border, the report quoted the Hezbollah sources as saying.

In addition, Hezbollah intends to increase its presence in Yemen, where another civil war is going on. “I hope to be among the fighters of the opposition in Yemen,” Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said in a recent speech, according to the report.

On Sunday the IDF said it is increasing its military presence on the Golan Heights in response to developments on the Syrian side of the border. The decision comes as the result of the increasing number of refugees from the civil war in Syria. Refugees from the area of Dara’a have been streaming to the Syrian side of the Golan in recent days, as Syria Army forces have begun a major campaign to take the area from rebels. There are thought to be as many as 160,000 refugees massed on the Syrian side of the Golan border.

In a statement, the IDF said it was at the refugees’ disposal to provide humanitarian assistance – but that no refugees would be admitted to Israel. “The IDF considers the 1974 ceasefire between Syria and Israel as a very important document,” and that agreement would be kept. As far as the refugees are concerned, “the IDF has for years and continues now to provide assistance, and will do so as long as it is needed.” The army “will continue to stand on the principle of nonintervention in Syria, while responding to any injury to Israel’s sovereignty, or to dangers to its citizens.”

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