Social Networks Shut Accounts of Hezbollah

Two, Charged, U.S., Providing, Material Support, Hezbollah
Hezbollah flags. (Reuters/Hassan Abdallah)

Over the weekend, social networks Facebook and Twitter shut down the accounts of Lebanese terror group Hezbollah. According to officials in the Public Security Ministry, Minister Gilad Erdan recently threatened Twitter that if it did not shut down the accounts of terror groups, it would be subject to a criminal investigation in Israel for supporting terror. Hezbollah condemned the move, saying that it had been done “without warning,” and “by instruction of the administration of Donald Trump.”

In a statement, Erdan said Motzoei Shabbos that he applauded the decision, and hoped that “Facebook and Twitter will continue to follow through on this decision, which should have been carried out a long time ago. Allowing terror groups to spread their messages on these platforms is nothing more than assisting terror groups. We look forward to the companies applying this decision to Hamas as well.”