Defense Ministry Submits Yeshivah Draft Bill Recommendations

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

The Defense Ministry submitted its recommendations for a new draft to the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday, setting numerical goals for the recruitment of chareidim into the IDF and limited economic sanctions if those goals are not met.

The report notes that “the number of IDF enlistment from the chareidi public has increased tenfold over the past decade. We must continue the efforts and gradually increase the number of those serving in the IDF and national service.”

To that end, the 19-page document mandates economic sanctions for yeshivos which do not comply with guidelines set by the army, a system of graduated increase through the year 2037.

At the same time, the Defense Ministry proposes economic benefits to chareidi institutions that meet the enlistment goals.

The ministry projects goals for overall chareidi recruitment into regular army service to begin at 3,348 for 2018, increase to 5,737 by 2027 and continue incremental increases at that rate to 2037.

That, and the detailed proposals for financial sanctions and incentives, will be studied carefully and brought by United Torah Judaism and Shas representatives to the Moetzes Gedolei and Chachmei HaTorah for their psak as to how to respond to the recommendations.