Grants for Businesses to Hire Chareidim, Others

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Economy Minister Eli Cohen (Yossi Zeliger/Flash90)

The Economy Ministry is starting a new program that will provide grants and assistance to businesses that hire members of “targeted” populations, including Arabs, Bedouin, chareidim, Druze, single parents, residents of peripheral areas and handicapped individuals.

The program will entail distribution of over NIS 60 million to business that hire members of these groups. An additional NIS 5 million will be allocated solely for use in Gaza border communities. The program will subsidize the salaries of workers, providing up to 20 percent of salaries for up to 30 months.

In addition, the Ministry will allocate NIS 55 million for the establishment of high-tech businesses in peripheral areas. Companies that choose to locate in these areas will be eligible for grants that would cover up to 25 percent of the salaries of employees. Additional assistance will be provided to businesses that hire individuals with disabilities, with up to 45 percent of their salaries covered in the first year, 33 percent in the second, and 22 percent in the third.

Economy Minister Eli Cohen said that “assisting business to hire chareidim and other groups that have a lower participation rate in the economy, as well as strengthening the peripheral areas, is a necessary step in reducing inequality and increasing growth in the economy. These programs are also important for the business community as well as for workers, who will be able to leave the cycle of poverty and unemployment and achieve economic independence.”