Manhattan Consulate Workers Told to Go Home Early Friday to Beat Gaza Protestors

Israeli Consulate in Manhattan. (Hamodia)

Workers at the Israeli Consulate in New York City have been instructed to make sure they finish up their work and leave the building by 3:30 this Friday – or they may find themselves stuck in the building until late in the evening, as police will not let them out of the building. That’s because of a protest that anti-Israel groups are planning outside the Consulate building, set to take place Friday afternoon, Walla News reported.

At least 1,500 people are expected, and to ensure safety, dozens of police will be on duty. In order to ensure the safety of the Consulate workers, they will not be allowed to enter or exit the building while the protest is taking place. According to the report, Consulate staff were told Wednesday night that “New York police will not permit us to cross the protest line while the demonstration is going on. Large numbers of police and security staff will be on duty to ensure your safety. Make sure you leave the building by 3:30 p.m.”

As it happens, the Consulate usually closes earlier on Friday anyway for Shabbos, and in this case workers will be leaving no more than an hour earlier than they usually would this time of year. The protest, for the “International Day of Al-Quds,” seeks to “hold Israel accountable for the martyrs of Gaza.” Participants are requested to wear black.