Israeli Soldier Kills Palestinian Assailant


IDF troops shot and killed a Palestinian stone-thrower when they came under attack during an arrest raid in the village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah, on Wednesday.

The Israeli military said its forces were responding to a barrage of rocks from about a dozen local Palestinians. After initially using riot-dispersal means, one of the Palestinians approached from a side position and hurled a large rock that struck one of the soldiers in the head.

That soldier then opened fire and killed his assailant.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the person who was killed as Izzideen Tamimi, 21.

The Palestinian Information Ministry accused Israeli forces of killing him in “cold blood.”

In a statement the IDF said: “The soldier responded by firing at the Palestinian, who was wounded and given medical treatment at the scene … and he was later declared dead. None of our troops were hurt. The incident will be investigated.”