IDF Bars Yitzhar Youth From Having Contact With Himself

The entrance to the Israeli outpost community of Yitzhar, in the Shomron. (Flash 90, File)

Eliyah Nativ, a young resident of Yitzhar who has had run-ins with the authorities, has received an IDF administrative order forbidding him from associating with 20 people, mostly right-wing activists.

The order was typical, except for one thing: on the list was Nativ himself!

Eliyah’s father said the administrative order against his son “was a new height of absurd. …my son is prohibited from contacting himself, speaking to himself, or residing in the same place as himself,” according to Makor Rishon.

Honenu, the non-profit legal aid group representing Nativ, contended that this was not just an innocent clerical error. It shows, it said, that “the quantity and the ease of issuing restricting administrative orders, which severely curtain the freedom of civilians, should trouble every citizen.

“The Major General [Central Command chief Nadav Padan] should have done the minimum required and made sure to check every line in the order. When you hurt young men like that, you can’t just treat your order as if was a grocery list.”

The IDF spokesperson’s office apologized for the error, but denied allegations of any systematic wrongdoing.