Regional Briefs – June 3, 2018

March Across Brooklyn Bridge Protests Guns

NEW YORK – Hundreds of orange-shirted demonstrators marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday in a protest against gun violence, The Associated Press reported. The spire of One World Trade Center was illuminated in orange to mark Gov. Cuomo’s declared “Gun Violence Awareness Month.”

New York to Hold Election Cybersecurity Drills

ALBANY – Officials are conducting a series of cybersecurity drills to test how vulnerable New York’s election system is to hacking, The Associated Press reported. The exercises will simulate scenarios in which a hostile group seeks to tamper with voting systems, change election tallies or undermine confidence.

AC Company Owner Accused Of Poisoning Complainers

QUEENS – The owner of an air conditioning company was arrested Thursday on charges he poisoned a couple and their son with deadly levels of mercury because he was tired of their complaints, The Assonated Press reported. Yuriy Kruk of A+HVAC and Kitchen first installed the unit in 2015.

Oopstate: Nixon Campaign Email Misspells Ithaca

ALBANY – Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial repeatedly misspelled the name of the city of Ithaca in an email Friday to supporters, putting it as “Ithica,” The Associated Press reported. Following a mocking statement by the Cuomo campaign Nixon tweeted a photo of a campaign worker writing “Ithaca” dozens of times on a blackboard.

Law Enforcers Looking For a Tree Thief

WARRENSBURG, N.Y. – Who is stealing trees from a government agency building in Warren County? Police are searching for the tree thief who pulled 130 fir and spruce saplings out of the ground next to the offices, the Post-Star reported.

Woman Seeks Owner of Class Ring Found in Closet

BERGENFIELD, N.J. – An Alabama woman is wondering how a Bergenfield, N.J., high school ring, class of 1990, ended up stashed in the closet of the home she’s lived in since 2004, The Record reported. It is engraved with the initials: E.M.L.