Security Officers Catch Arab Who Shot at Them in Gush Etzion

The cellphones caught by Border Police, Thursday, en route to Arab terrorists in prison. (Police Spokesman)

Border Patrol officers on Thursday morning arrested an Arab who shot at soldiers overnight Wednesday in the Gush Etzion region. The Arab had shot at the officers earlier, and they pursued him until he was caught. There were no injuries among the Israeli forces. The Arab terrorist was lightly wounded, and was arrested and taken to a hospital for medical care.

On Wednesday night, security forces in the Gaza border area arrested an Arab who had apparently crossed the border fence into Israel. He was not found to be carrying weapons. Officials believe he had entered Israel to look for work. The Arab was taken in for questioning. In a separate incident, Gaza sources said Thursday that Israeli Navy sailors had arrested two Gaza Arabs who were trying to breach the Gaza sea blockade. The arrests were made on a fishing boat that was stopped by the Israeli ship off the Gaza coast.

In a petition handed over to Binyamin Netanyahu, more than 40 MKs demanded that the prime minister stop making “gestures” to Hamas in order to “ease the suffering of Gazans” as long as the terror group continued to hold Israelis, both alive and dead, Channel One reported. In recent months, the petition states, Israel has increased the number of permits for Gaza Arab merchants to enter Israel to 5,000. The purpose of the increase is to help provide more resources for Gaza Arabs. Channel One said that even though that many Gaza merchants are allowed to enter Israel, far fewer have actually done so, because most applicants could not get a permit from the Shin Bet.

Also Thursday, Border Guards arrested an Arab from Ramallah who attempted to sneak into Israel, carrying six cellphones. The Arab was caught shortly after he breached the border fence in the area of the Yerushalayim suburb of A-Ram. He was taken in for questioning. Officials said that he had planned to attempt to sneak the devices into a prison for the use of Arab terrorists imprisoned there.

“Devices that could have reached the hands of terrorists and thus enable contact with elements outside the prison liable to carry out terrorist activities,” the police said.

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