New Rule: Drivers Can Leave License, Registration at Home

View of traffic on Begin Highway. (Zack Wajsgras/Flash90)

New rules set to be implemented soon will allow drivers to leave their licenses at home. The change in rules was submitted to the Knesset Economics Committee, which gave it initial approval as part of a makeover of licensing rules.

Currently, drivers need to carry their licenses and registration with them at all times when they are behind the wheel, but it is not uncommon for drivers to forget their licenses when they are in a hurry. If they are caught by police without papers, it could cost them NIS 100 in penalties.

Under the new rules, it would be sufficient for drivers to have either their Israel identity cards or passports in lieu of their licenses and registrations. Those documents would be used to identify them.

The rule change has been approved by the Justice Ministry, MKs promoting the legislation said. Once the the Committee gives final approval for the rule changes, they will go into effect immediately.