NY State Liquor Authorities Bust Alleged Brooklyn Bootlegger


New York state officials say they’ve busted a Brooklyn winery for allegedly making illegal moonshine — the first bootlegger bust in the state since 1960.

The New York State Liquor Authority says the Red Hook Winery was illegally making and distributing distilled spirits. Liquor authority counsel Christopher Riano says “the discovery of an illegal moonshine operation in the heart of Brooklyn is nothing short of shocking.”

Winery owner Mark Snyder denied any wrongdoing, telling The New York Post “this is an administrative issue and a misunderstanding.” The Red Hook Winery is still open, but Snyder was asked to dismantle his stills.

Snyder was accused of making grappa, a potent Italian-style brandy that can contain up to 60 percent alcohol.

He has been charged with illicit manufacturing of alcoholic beverages.