Regional Briefs – May 10, 2018

Why’d the Turtle Cross the Road? A Cop Helped it

HAMILTON, N.J. – A feisty snapping turtle was able to safely cross a road after a police officer helped it, The Associated Press reported. But the cop took no chances, using a shield to protect himself from the turtle’s fierce bite. The turtle lunged at the shield several times.

Woman Angry at Utility Worker Suspends Him in Lift

RIDGEWOOD, N.J. – A woman got so angry at a female utility worker on Monday that she turned off the truck’s motor while she was in the lift, leaving her stuck in midair, The Record reported. The 59-year-old woman was arrested for harassment and false imprisonment.

Court Upholds Firefighter’s Firing for Stealing $8 in Snacks

MARGATE, N.J. – An appeals court rejected a firefighter’s bid to regain the $78,000-a-year job he lost in 2015 because of the theft of $8 worth of snacks, reported. Ashton Funk, 36, had called the firing an “abuse of discretion,” but the court said it was “well-reasoned.”

Family Sues Wawa After Hot Water Spills on Toddler

TRENTON – A couple is suing convenience store Wawa after a cashier knocked over a cup of hot water at the checkout, causing burns to their 3-year-old daughter, The Associated Press reported. The federal suit, filed Monday, claims a video of the April 25 spill shows the store dispenses water at a “highly dangerous temperature.”

Officer Giving Summons Dragged by Pedicab

NEW YORK – An officer who tried issuing a summons to a pedicab Wednesday in Central Park was dragged by the driver, The Associated Press reported. The driver shoved the officer, entangling her radio in the wheels, before taking off, dragging her for dozens of feet.

School Displays Hamilton Letter Doling Legal Advice

ALBANY – Albany Law School will display a rare 1784 hand-signed letter from Alexander Hamilton giving legal advice to a client, The Associated Press reported. The Founding Father will receive an honorary degree from the school on May 18.

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