Regional Briefs – April 11, 2018

City Judge Arrested for Trying to Buy Shotgun

ROCHESTER – A judge was arrested Tuesday for trying to buy a shotgun in violation of her probation for a drunk driving, The Associated Press reported. Leticia Astacio alternately claimed she needed a weapon since she gets death threats and that it was her sister who tried to buy the gun.

Man Found Guilty in Deadly Elevator Stabbing of Kids

BROOKLYN – A jury on Tuesday convicted a man charged in a brutal and unprovoked 2014 elevator stabbing that killed a 6-year-old boy and left his 7-year-old friend with serious wounds, The Associated Press reported. Daniel St. Hubert faces up to life in prison.

Boy Who Tried to Hang on Train Falls and Gets Hurt

JERSEY CITY – A boy who tried to hang from a NJ transit light rail train Tuesday night was injured when he fell off, the Jersey City Journal reported. He was charged with defiant trespassing and interference with transportation.

NY to Spend $18.5M to Stop Gangs on Long Island

ALBaNY – New York state will spend $18.5 million to disrupt gang recruitment on Long Island, where the notorious Salvadoran MS-13 gang has been blamed for 25 killings in the past two years, The Associated Press reported. President Trump has targeted the area as a model of how gangs terrorize a local population.

Ex-Assembly Speaker’s Trial Set for April 30

NEW YORK – The trial of New York’s former assembly speaker were postponed until April 30, though jury selection will occur Monday as previously scheduled, The Associated Press reported. Sheldon Silver is being retried after his 2015 conviction was overturned by an appeals court.