Russia Criticizes Israel’s ‘Hasty’ Condemnation of Syria Chemical Attack


In the latest in a series of condemnations of Israel, Russia on Tuesday took Israel to task for statements concerning war crimes in Syria.

The Russian Embassy in Israel criticized Israel’s condemnation of Syria for having carried out a chemical attack against civilians in the Damascus suburb of Douma.

The embassy “notes with concern a hasty conclusion made in Israel with regard to the fake chemical attack,” and asserted that “the truth is that there is no evidence of any chemical attack in Douma at all.”

The statement followed a Russian media report on Tuesday that Israel’s ambassador to the country, Gary Koren, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry for an official rebuke over the attack on a Syrian air base early Monday which Russia and Syria blamed on Israel. Yerushalayim refused comment on the incident.

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said that the Israeli army’s use of force against Palestinians at violent protests inside the Gaza Strip was unacceptable.

In a statement, the Ministry criticized what it described as Israel’s “indiscriminate use of force against the civilian population.”

The IDF issued prior warnings that provocations and attempts to breach the border fence would be met with necessary force.