Netanyahu: U.S. Military Strike on Syria Very Likely


Channel 10 quoted a high-level source as saying that there is a very high likelihood that U.S. President Donald Trump will order a punitive military strike on Syria for its use of chemical weapons, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu disclosed to security officials on Tuesday night.

If so, it would mean brushing aside a warning from Russian President Vladimir Putin that “military intervention” in Syria over the alleged chemical attack against civilians last weekend would be “unacceptable” and lead to the “most serious consequences.”

The Israeli source also said that Pres. Assad will seek additional chemical weapons despite world outrage and any action against his regime over it.

Meanwhile, there were indications on Tuesday that military action is indeed in the offing, as Pres. Trump and Defense Secretary James Mattis canceled a trip to Latin America in order to “oversee the American response” to the Syrian situation, according to a White House statement.