Jordan Accepts Israel’s Pick of Ambassador, as Ties Improve

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) -
Israeli embassy Jordan
Security personnel outside the Israeli embassy in Amman, after the stabbing incident last year. (Reuters/ Stringer)

Jordan has accepted Israel’s choice of a new ambassador for the kingdom, another sign of improving ties after a months-long crisis.

Government spokesman Mohammed Momani said Thursday that the envoy, Amir Weissbrod, “can start his mission any time now.”

The posting of a new Israeli ambassador would end one of the tensest episodes since the two countries signed a peace treaty in 1994.

It began last summer when a security guard at the Israeli embassy in Jordan shot and killed two Jordanians, alleging one attacked him with a screwdriver. The Israeli guard and Israel’s then-ambassador were given a hero’s welcome by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, infuriating Jordan.

Earlier this year, the two sides said they found a way to overcome the crisis, including appointing a new Israeli ambassador.