New Speed Cameras Seek to Outfox Drivers, Waze

Yerushalayim -

Speed cameras have been a feature of Israeli roads for years, but Israel Police have deployed a new generation of cameras that are likely to catch many more drivers “in the act” of violating the rules of the road. The cameras are designed to seek out drivers who drive in a manner threatening others on the road, outside of their lanes, or who use handheld devices while driving.

The cameras are connected to a wireless, encrypted network that communicates with police officers who are stationed nearby or in a patrol vehicle. Using a tablet, officers get real-time information about driver violations. Police can then stop the driver and issue a summons on the spot. The resolution of the camera is very high, and they are able to see even into the vehicle.

The cameras are also “portable,” and police intend to deploy them at different sites and at different times. Police said that their intent was to encourage uncertainty among drivers, who can never be sure that they are being watched – and will thus drive more safely. And as the cameras will be deployed at different times and places, driver-assistance apps like Waze, which point out to drivers the location of speed cameras, will be ineffective.