Boro Park, Flatbush Getting New System for Chametz Burning


In the name of safety and cleanliness, several key changes will be introduced to this year’s chametz-burning in Boro Park and Flatbush.

Officials with Community Board 12 met last week with members of the city’s fire, sanitation and police departments to address complaints that some fire sites were unsupervised, with children getting too close to the fire and sometimes the fire becoming too large and out of control. Some locations have pieces of half-burnt bread left over on the street, with the smell lingering over Yom Tov and the street staying black and dirty long after Pesach.

All public fires must use dumpsters, the group announced. And the chametz-burning sites will be minimized. And for the safety of the community, the Fire Department will strictly enforce an 11:45 end to all fires. The police and fire departments will be on the lookout for any nonauthorized fires and will extinguish them immediately.

The board, led by chairman Yidel Perlstein and manager Barry Spitzer, asked residents to comply with the new system.

“We are asking the community to please be considerate and take into account the hard work and great expense it took to set this up and cooperate fully with this new system,” a CB12 news release urged.

The entire district, which stretches from Boro Park into Flatbush, will get a recycling pickup on Thursday night, starting at midnight until 8:00 a.m. On Friday morning, all blocks will get a regular garbage pickup.