IDF Preparing for Hamas ‘Million Man March’

A barbed wire fence on Zikim Beach, near the border with the northern Gaza Strip. (Corinna Kern/Flash90)

The IDF is building up forces around Gaza in preparation for increased Hamas-sponsored rioting at the Gaza security fence, leading up to an event set for May 15th, in which the Gaza terror group will seek to bring a million people to the fence, with the intent of breaking through it and invading Israel. The first “practice run” is set for this Friday, Erev Pesach, when thousands, or more, are expected to riot at the fence.

A report in Yisrael Hayom said that Hamas had allocated $10 million for the march. The money will be spent on “salaries” for rioters, and for the establishment of a tent city 800 meters from the border fence, where tens of thousands will be staying while preparing for the riots.

In recent weeks there has been a marked increase in rioting and other terror activities at the border fence. Four Gaza Arabs snuck into Israel on Shabbos morning, intending to cause damage to engineering equipment used by the IDF to construct defenses against Gaza terror tunnels. The four started a fire next to tractors and other equipment used in the construction. IDF forces put out the fire, and the Arabs ran away. Soldiers discovered various weapons, including knives, at the site where the fire was started.

In a social media message, IDF General Yoav Mordechai, coordinator for activities in the territories, said that “Hamas has failed in its management of Gaza and serves itself instead of the population. Because it is becoming desperate it is pushing the population to riot at the border. Hamas will plant its agents among the population. We will act with a strong hand against all terrorists activities and all attempts by terrorists to enter Israel.”