Gabay: I’m Not Giving Up Party Leadership

Zionist Camp leader Avi Gabay. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

The polls show that under his leadership, Zionist Camp can expect a sharp reduction in the number of seats it would get in new elections, but chairman Avi Gabay has no intention of stepping aside, Channel Ten reported. According to the report, Gabay told party activists in Nazareth over the weekend that he intended to remain at his job, regardless of the calls for him to resign.

Despite his chairmanship, Gabay said that “there are still people in the party who have not realized that they lost to me. Anyone who does not commit to the success of the party and ensuring our victory will realize the wrath of the voters in the primaries.”

Recent polls have shown Zionist Camp falling sharply in the number of Knesset seats the party would receive in new elections. A Channel Ten poll last week showed the party getting 11 seats, and a Channel Two poll had it at 13 seats – both a far cry from the 24 seats the party currently has.

Tamar Zandberg, a candidate for the leadership of Meretz, over the weekend slammed Zionist Camp for “with its own actions enabling the Likud and the right to remain in power. Zionist Camp prevented the country from going to elections” by failing to vote for a no-confidence measure sponsored by Meretz last week, she told party members. “They are supposed to be the opposition, and then they are afraid of the polls? We could have been moving to a change in government, but unfortunately it was Zionist Camp that prevented this from happening.”